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The Expression of a Smile

May 20, 2015

A smile of love that brings a warm embrace;

A smile that brings joy each and every day, that takes away all the hurt and pain.

Isn’t it amazing what a smile can do?  It has many different meanings, see which one belongs to you. In fact, they may all belong to you but don’t forget to share your smile this day for there is someone who is waiting to see it, depending on what they may be going through. Remember it is contagious and the fact that someone is waiting on you to share that smile – you may be the one to help change the course of their day.

How beautiful it is to see the different expressions of a smile on a face. It makes you smile despite your day.

A smile that brightens someone else’s day – a warm smile to show how much you care;

A smile of peace to say all is well, a smile to say I’m with you till the end;

A smile to say how much you care;

A smile of love, a smile of approval and satisfaction, a smile for the world to see;

A smile to take away the hurt and pain;

A smile to tell you ‘don’t worry, it will be ok.’

A smile has many languages. It always has a different meaning for you, depending on what you’re going through at that moment.

It brings you peace and happiness.  Don’t let anyone take your smile away. You will always be remembered by your smile. Don’t forget – It doesn’t only belong to you. It belongs to the world to see what a smile really means.

Written by Gail A. Reid