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TLC Ministry

Vision: Our vision for the children is for them to learn the Word of God, and help to cultivate their young minds to have good character and high moral standards. For them to learn that they can be great men and women who can make a difference in the world. To let them know that they are special and unique and that they can accomplish and attain the goals that they set for themselves in life. To let them know that in life you will get knocked down but to rise up dust yourself off and keep going until you succeed.

Mission: Our mission is that no child goes hungry and to continue to let children be children; to let them play and have fun in a safe and happy environment. To teach them to express themselves appropriately and freely. To let them know, that God should be first in everything they do, to have respect for their parents, teachers, Pastors, and leaders in church and in their community. For them not only to be spiritually aware but also to be street smart, and that there are consequences for making poor decisions.
We look forward to the future growth of  this Ministry.

God Bless You All and Shalom: Wholesomeness no Brokenness Peace and Prosperity to all children.