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Praise & Worship Ministry

To create an atmosphere for the presence of God to bring healing and restoration to all people from all nations. To enable and create a moment of one on one genuine uncompromised worship with our Creator through the word, song, and dance.


  • To direct the focus of the congregation from themselves to God
  • To bring the Church into united worship
  • To create an understanding of what praise and worship is so that regardless of circumstance or situation the congregation will be free to participate truthfully and whole heartedly

Personal Praise Team Goals

  • To spend more time together in prayer, bible study, and fellowship
  • To participate/engage in vocal, musicianship, leadership, and teamwork training
  • To create a cohesiveness between vocals and musicians that makes worship easy for us as a team and in turn a powerful experience for the congregation
  • To Evangelize in the community as a team