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Dance Ministry

Psalms 150:6

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

Vision Statement:

To empower lives by leading God’s people to the kingdom, by ministering the word of God in spirit and in truth. Through prophetic, expressive & creative dance movements.

Mission Statement:

Allowing God to use us as a mighty weapon to tear down Satan kingdom, and to take back what he has stolen by force through dance ministry. To open all the eyes of the people letting them know that God is the originator of dance, and to praise him openly without shame. Through our prophetic dance of praise & worship it Will be used to bring forth healing, deliverance, tear down strong holds, brake shackles & chains to both the saved and unsaved

Dance Ministry

  • Is preaching the word of God through expressive movements
  • Is speaking to the heavenly father in a way that only he can understand
  • Is worshiping with every part of one’s body, mind, heart, & soul in good times & bad times
  • Is to set, protect, and consecrate the area/ atmosphere for ministry
  • Is being available/clearing your schedule when necessary so that God is able to use you for his will.
  • Is ministering in the spirit & in truth not in the flesh
  • Is for God’s glory & not yourself
  • Is commitment & dedication
  • Is ministering using multicultural dances/movements in a Godly fashion to reach the unsaved
  • Is going deeper than deep & letting God direct your steps