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SCF – Single Christian Female

Being single and 33 years old is not all that bad.  I mean I know that I’m anxiously (not desperately) waiting to get married but, in due time.  Actually when I look back in my life, I thought that at the age of 18 I was ready to get married! Boy was I ever wrong.  The type of relationships that I had was ok but not all that healthy.

Until I met the Lord and allowed him into my life back in May 1999, my whole life from that point on changed for the better.  God has shown me and taught my through his Word and his servant (Pastor Taylor) that, I am special in his eyes, one to be treated as a precious stone.

Matter of fact, a lot of us are simply not ready for marriage because there are a few things we need to do ourselves, before we put ourselves in the market so to speak.  We need to, be accountable; get out of debt; be disciplined and build character.

This is the making of a virtuous women read Proverbs 31:10-31.  This is what makes us attractive to men, matter of fact it will draw the right man to you.  It teaches you how to be industrious, how to make a home etc….

Next, in I Corinthians 7:25-34 this helps us to set a standard in which we beautiful single Christian women can live by as we are shaping ourselves to become that virtuous woman. Also, in Ephesians 5:22-24 this teaches us how to submit ourselves to people in authority.  If you cannot submit to your Pastor, Cell group leader, or Intercessor leader then you will not be able to submit to your husband – submitting to your husband is as submitting to God (see verse 22).

Listen, when we wait upon the Lord, he will renew our strength, and besides look at all the things we have to do to prepare to be that virtuous person anyway, you won’t have time to worry about “when am I getting married?!”

Written by: Mitzie Doyle

The Flower Within Me

Droplets of tears at nights Not for the identified thorn

But for the Flower that birthed within me Its blossoms are the mark of a new day

Its leaves are the beauty within me Its roots are the representative of my strength.

Deep inside of me a well has sprang Like the endless journey of water As I open the flower only to discover, that the truth was always within me The light has finally shone and every word in me became life I will forever live for this Flower within me He is Jesus Christ who died for me.

Written by: Christine Carrol

The Expression of a Smile

A smile of love that brings a warm embrace;

A smile that brings joy each and every day, that takes away all the hurt and pain.

Isn’t it amazing what a smile can do?  It has many different meanings, see which one belongs to you. In fact, they may all belong to you but don’t forget to share your smile this day for there is someone who is waiting to see it, depending on what they may be going through. Remember it is contagious and the fact that someone is waiting on you to share that smile – you may be the one to help change the course of their day.

How beautiful it is to see the different expressions of a smile on a face. It makes you smile despite your day.

A smile that brightens someone else’s day – a warm smile to show how much you care;

A smile of peace to say all is well, a smile to say I’m with you till the end;

A smile to say how much you care;

A smile of love, a smile of approval and satisfaction, a smile for the world to see;

A smile to take away the hurt and pain;

A smile to tell you ‘don’t worry, it will be ok.’

A smile has many languages. It always has a different meaning for you, depending on what you’re going through at that moment.

It brings you peace and happiness.  Don’t let anyone take your smile away. You will always be remembered by your smile. Don’t forget – It doesn’t only belong to you. It belongs to the world to see what a smile really means.

Written by Gail A. Reid

Role model delimma

I listened as the children at my church dramatically re-enacted their encounter with the school bully, or with star struck eyes shared their liking of a boy or girl at school, and effortlessly recited the original poem that left me inspired, witnessing the incredible creative ability of the upcoming generation.  Eventually our vibrant conversation would dwindle down and we’d end our night with an exchange of hugs. About to gather my personal belongings, I’d hear, “Hey Joanne, can you come to my community award ceremony this Friday? My mom said I could ask you. I know you’re busy all the time but I really want you to come!” With a pleasant smile, disregarding any plans I could have had, I said yes.  “Yes!!!! She’s coming!” she yelled, and ran back down the hall in complete bliss.

Role Model Misconception
You do not have to be famous, on television or making millions of dollars to be considered eligible as someone’s role model. You just need to be a person another individual respects, admires, loves, and looks up to, and genuinely care enough to be there to lend a helping hand.

The bible says in Matthew 5: 16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Who is leading our future generation?
Thousands of young people fill their bedroom walls with posters of celebrities, pop stars and world leaders; people who likely don’t even know that they exist. Yet our young people still idolize them, and with much effort passionately try to emulate their secular role model image.

No Title Necessary
However, the most practical, efficient and effective role models are the ones you can see and call on at any time. People like you! The one who answers the phone in crisis, who comforts, teaches and celebrates all achievements whether big or small.

Do not wait for something special to get active in your church. No one is perfect, therefore no role model will be! Do the work of God, care enough to reach out to a young person in your church or community, and help shape their identity in reflection with Christ. Take the time to care.

Someone is always watching you. Let your light shine for Jesus, go out and be the example.

Written By: Joanne Taylor

Health crisis in the church

It never ceases to amaze me to see the increasingly growing prayer lines in churches for healing Sunday after Sunday.

It is without question that the power of God is real, and that miracles of healing do happen. In 3John 1:2 the Lord expresses to His people, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”


The Regular’s

So why is it that we find the same people returning for prayer time and time again for the same problem? Is it that they did not truly believe for healing the first, second, fifth or tenth time? Maybe prayer #11 will finally get that high blood pressure under control!


The Unhealthy Church

If you turn on your television, you’ll see the worldwide health epidemic that has doctors and health professionals concerned for the general health and quality of life of their patients, as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity onset illnesses rapidly increase, ravishing the homes, families, and communities of the people of God.


Reality Check

Many Christians expect to carry on certain destructive behaviors and for some reason believe that God will heal them. God is not mock; He works best when your faith is put into action.


Going Forward

Before you line up at the alter requesting prayer for that same knee problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, or whatever you are asking God to heal you from again, stop and ask yourself:

  • What changes have I made to improve my health situation since I last received prayer for this problem?
  • Am I consistent with these changes?
  • Do I speak the expected result? (Words are powerful

If you see where you can make adjustments based on the list above, do so first in combination with your faith, and watch God work on your behalf!

Let’s get in the habit of living healthy lives

Written by Joanne Taylor